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We are a 2D animation studio located in Madrid (Spain). We offer 2D animation services for advertising, cinema, animation series, video games and any kind of animated character. We also do project development through character design, concept arts and visual development.

The goal of this animation company is to bring great ideas to life through our passion: the art of storytelling through 2D animation.

Do you want to see what we're capable of? Do you want to do animation? Watch our demo reel and don't hesitate to contact us.


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(+34) 636 23 90 45 / (+34) 646 83 85 77

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Good ideas come from great illusions

We are a team of artists, directors and 2d animators. Elements that merge into one, resulting in a perfect formula. A formula we call Alkimia.

And how could we make it happen? Where could we find the space and freedom to carry out this formula? The answer, in the world of traditional 2D animation, where since childhood we have enjoyed animated characters and fantasy worlds. Where the impossible becomes as real as your imagination is willing to reach.

Under these premises we founded this animation company, with illusion and passion to tell stories.

Our headquarters are in Madrid,Spain, but we are of the digital generation and we understand that there is no frontier that is worth to get there where they claim us. We offer a wide range of services in 2D animation for sectors such as video games, advertising, production companies, individuals and companies.

We do character design, assets, animated characters, storyboard, animations, backgrounds, teasers, trailers, animated series, short films and feature films. Everything that makes us do animation.

We are Alkimia. We are a 2D animation studio. Traditional animation. And we're here to make animation and animate this world... with a touch of magic. Do you want to take a look at our projects?

You want to know what we're working on?

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