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We are a 2D animation studio based in Madrid (Spain). Our passion is 2D animation, and we love to use it on advertising, animated movies, animated series and videogames. We also make character design, concept art, visual development and animation for content creators.

Our dream is giving life ideas through 2D animation and that is what we do. Our animation has more than 50M views, like Aitana & Reik Enemigos videoclip , Nicki Nicole‘s Pull and Bear spot and more anime-style 2d animation that went viral on YoutubeWe won’t stop until we break the Internet with our animations.

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The good ideas came from the great illusions.

We are a team of artists, directors and 2D animators. These different elements in one, becoming the perfect formula. We call it Alkimia.

We found in 2D animation a place of freedom to develop this formula. Since we were kids we love traditional animation, enjoying animated characters and fantasy worlds. This is the place is where the impossible becomes possible, your imagination is the limit.

We founded our animation studio with this philosophy in mind, with illusions and passion for telling stories.

Our studio is based in Madrid, Spain, but we truly believe that anyone in any part of the globe can work with us. We offered a wide range of 2D animation services for many industries like videogames, advertising, film production, companies and any kind of people actually.

We do art direction, script & copywriting, storyboarding, character designing, visual development, background design, composition for teasers, trailers, TV series, movies and music videos. Everything that animation allows.

We are Alkimia. We are a 2D animation studio. Traditional animation. We are here to make great animations and to share them with the world…

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