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We are a 2D animation studio located in Madrid, born out of a passion for bringing great ideas to life. We have extensive experience in sectors such as advertising, film, cinematics, and videogame trailers, as well as collaborations with prominent production companies.


Our commitment extends to every creative stage. Storytelling, vibrant character design, concept art, as well as all the necessary visual development to create unique animations.

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Good ideas arise from grand illusions

At Alkimia Animation Studio, we are a team of artists, animators, creators, and directors who merge the traditional art of 2D animation with influences from anime and a touch of Western style. Our laboratory is located in Madrid, Spain, but our passion and affection for animation have propelled us beyond our borders.

We have collaborated with world-renowned artists such as Aitana and Nicky Nicole. Additionally, we have worked with leading brands such as Universal Studios, Puma, and BMW, as well as prestigious European video game studios like 11Bits Studios and Chibig Studio.

From advertising to film, music, and video games, our commitment to quality is reflected in every project. Starting from script conception to character design, animation, and composition, each frame we create is infused with our dedication and expertise.

At Alkimia, we are passionate about the art of animation, and we take pride in bringing dreams to life through our 2D animation, both for Europe and the world.