Enemigos – Animated Music Video – Aitana y Reik

Aitana, the heroine who save the music

Aitana Enemigos videoclip 2D
Video animado Aitana Enemigos
videoclip aitana enemigos

Enemigos by Aitana y Reik, animated music video

At Alkimia Animation Studio we were contacted by the production company Antiestático to script, animate and direct “Enemigos”, an 2d animated music video for the singer Aitana and Reik.

For our studio, it has been a pleasure and a great experience to carry out this great audiovisual project. A full frame animation music video set in a world of magical realism.

The realization of this project has been possible thanks to the collaboration of many talented people.

Among these people is Laia Lopez (It’s López), an artist we deeply admire and who has also designed the main characters of the video clip.

Starting from the premise of representing the Spanish artist Aitana as a heroine, we began to shape the idea and script of this 2D animation music video clip.

In this clip, the group Reik will ask Aitana for help, a brave heroine of music who will save the planet from a common enemy: Silence.

Thanks to the inspiration of the theme “Enemigos” and the characters designed by Laia (It’s López), we were giving shape to the idea through an animatic.

The rhythms of the music and the acting of the characters had to fit perfectly to convey the force of the story that we wanted to convey.

Finally, we began to bring these characters to life through 2D animation, with an animation style inspired by anime.

It is an animation with a Japanese influence but with brushstrokes reminiscent of the European comic style.

And the result of all is a short but exciting story in which the music, animation and effects complement and accompany each other to make the viewer vibrate.

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ClientAntiestáticoExecutive ProducerAntiestatico
Universal Music Spain
DirectionGastón MassArt DirectionSilvia Tapia
Script, storyboard and animatics

Gastón MassCharacter design
Laia López
Alicia Tapia
Silvia Tapia
Concept artSilvia TapiaBackgrounds artist
Silvia Tapia
Sergio Torres
Sara Castro
Albert Modollel
AnimationRebeca Núñez
Hugo Llera
Juan Antonio Carrillo
Guillem Guarro
Gastón Mass
Pau Cantos Simón
Juan Carlos Galicia Perez
Elmer Nellasca
Irene Corral de Gaspar
Mathew Koh
FX AnimationJorge Luis Chumpitaz
Gastón Mass
Clean upAlicia Tapia
Simon Film
Karina Monteiro
Clara Ríos Serrano
Nadia M. Sandoval Jaramillo
Clarita S. Moyano
Gabriel Fabreau
Marleia Alfaro
Edwin Estrada
Venisa del Aguila
Alberto Saucedo
Andres Felipe Usuga López
Ink & PaintAlicia Tapia
Ana Cecilia Flores Garza
Karina Monteiro
Flavio Monteiro
Studio ManagerSilvia Tapia
Postproduction and final cut
Gastón MassSong by
“Enemigos” Aitana & Reik