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Design and creation of characters

We are specialized in the design and creation of characters for the film, television, advertising and videogame industries.

Giving a character its soul and character is a primary objective for the development of any animation project, be it in the film, television, advertising or videogame industries.

At Alkimia Animation Studio we do all the character design, from the first stage of exploration and sketches, to the full development: turn around, color palette, expression studies and style guide.

Do you have a project that you need to bring to life by taking it to an audiovisual environment based on the development of its characters and their world? If so, do not hesitate to contact us.


The design and creation of characters go far beyond an aesthetic field. In the same way that a movie would not work the same with different actors, the same happens with the characters. It is essential to give the characters in our story soul and distinction if we want them to be able to express emotions so the viewers connect with them. Having this objective clear, it is easier to start shaping our project.

The pre-production and initial documentation phase is key, as it will establish a solid and coherent foundation on which to start creating our characters.

Following all this, we make sketches until we find a unique model that gathers all the necessary ingredients that make it work within the story. The audience and target to which they will be directed must always be kept in mind. Sketches of poses, expressions, views of the character (turn around), lines of movement and action, color studies as well as all the style guides. If you want to see some other example of our work, visit us on instagram

Nicki Nicole turn around
diseño de personaje turn around