Mesozoic Life

2D Documentary Animation Series

Trailer Production

JurassicFan95 is a renowned YouTube channel aimed at dinosaur enthusiasts. With over 150,000 subscribers, this channel is currently working on a 2D documentary animation series that will depict life during the Mesozoic era. The series will consist of 4 episodes, each lasting 10 minutes.

To bring this series into production, JurassicFan95 has established a Patreon campaign to secure the necessary funding, starting with the pilot episode.

In order to promote the project, our studio has undertaken the graphic development of the series, as well as the animation style. With all of this, we’ve created a 40-second trailer that showcases the visual power of the upcoming animated series.

It was a significant challenge for us to develop an original style that would resonate with an adult audience while maintaining the scientific accuracy demanded by a documentary series.

We conducted several preliminary studies to thoroughly understand the locomotion and anatomy of the spinosaurus before delving into the trailer animation.

Concept art Mesozoic Life
Foto de Proceso de animación 2d

Making of

In our 2D animation company, we relish every creative phase, both in pre-production and production. The challenge of this project was to uphold scientific accuracy when portraying the animals, while maintaining an original and appealing aesthetic. Creating a strong character design is pivotal when seeking funding for a series.

To achieve all of this, we conducted various concept arts, sketches, and line and color tests, including background integration. The outcome was a dinosaur character designed with a comic-style approach yet preserving realism in its proportions.

If you’d like to see more behind-the-scenes videos of the making of Mesozoic Life, you can visit our Instagram.