Ewan Scott Magic Treasure Island

2D Animation Feature Film

This 2D animated feature film project is an adaptation of John R. Hunt’s book: “Ewan Scott’s Adventures, Magic Treasure Island.” Our task was to shape this fantastic world by designing the settings, the characters, and handling all the visual development of this epic journey

Ewan Scott, a young Californian surfer and literature enthusiast, is transported to a fantasy world where he will embark on a great adventure alongside his friend Maddie. In this fantastical realm, two tyrants, Burham and Malkho, vie for control of magical diamonds with the ability to dominate the world.

Ewan, Maddie, and the rebels are the only ones who will protect this world from the clutches of evil and enslavement.

This 2D animation film project is still in development and seeking funding. If you’re interested in this project, feel free to reach out to us via email. You can also keep track of this and other projects by following us on our Instagram.

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