Fantastic Christmases

2D animation clip

A different Santa Claus

At Alkimia Animation Studio, we adore fantasy, crafting new worlds, styles, and variations. As a tradition in our studio, we set out to create a short 2D animation clip that embodies a fantastic Christmas. This year, we aimed to present the audience with a distinct and magical Santa Claus, accompanied by his faithful friend, Rudolph the reindeer.

In these small personal projects, we let our imagination run wild and take the opportunity to explore fresh animation styles, character designs, backgrounds, and effects.

We conducted several style tests for our characters, both for Santa Claus and Rudolph. For this 2D animation clip, we aimed to provide a vision that diverges a bit from conventional Christmas mythology.

The outcome is an eclectic and charismatic Santa Claus who, with the magic of his companion, manages to dispel a snowstorm to continue his journey.

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Initial ideas and final character designs

Diseño de personajes y concept

Backgrounds for Fantastic Christmases

Background noche para clip de abimación 2D Navidad Fantástica
Background día para clip de abimación 2D Navidad Fantástica