Kickstarter Video Game

Gemaboy Zero X

At Alkimia Animation Studio, we have collaborated with Nape Games in the development of the trailer for the upcoming game “Gemaboy Zero X.” Currently, a Kickstarter campaign is underway for the video game, where everyone can pre-order a copy of the game for its release and simultaneously help finance the project.

Nape Games is an independent video game development company for consoles, PC, and mobile devices. The retro and pixel art style of their video games captivates thousands of gamers around the world.

At Alkimia Animation Studio, we offer various 2D animation services tailored to the video game industry. If you want to learn more about these services, click here.

Videojuego en Kickstarter GemaboyZeroX-01
Videojuego en Kickstarter GemaboyZeroX-02
Videojuego en Kickstarter GemaboyZeroX-03
Videojuego en Kickstarter GemaboyZeroX-04
Videojuego en Kickstarter GemaboyZeroX-05
Videojuego en Kickstarter GemaboyZeroX-06