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Tzuki’s Plan B

Tzuki´s Plan B is an environmental message video game, created by Cokoon Games. It is a mobile adventure with more than 40 levels and hundreds of challenges, which tells the story of an intrepid scientist who tries to fix an environmental problem that is devastating her planet. At Alkimia Animation Studio we participate in production, direction and animation  ofthe first 5  videogame cinematics . Do you want to download the beta of Tzuki´s Plan B?

The characters and the world of Tzuki’s Plan B have an exquisite aesthetic, with a very effective cartoon style and highly cared for in detail. This starting point was a great challenge for us when it came to generating cinematics at the height of the video game. For this, within our studio we have developed with maximum enthusiasm and care each of the phases of the production of these 2D animations.

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