2D anime style animation spot

Vtuber Idol Anime

Can a simple animation change your life? In our studio we think is possible, and our friends MOSHON VTUBER IDOL ANIME think the same. This anime-style video seeks to promote the casting for young content creators who want to go further and succeed on digital platforms.

Vtuber Idol Anime, is a little story in which we tell how your life can change from one moment to another, a song of love to fantasy and dreams come true. Five girls with very different lives and from different parts of Spain, who suddenly run into the impossible and their lives change forever. Fantastic realism as a means to tell these mini stories.

The animation is entirely 2d, anime style. If you are interested in more of our projects with this style, you cannot miss the spot we did for Nicki Nicole and Pull & Bear. All the details of production and making of will be uploaded to our instagram.

If you want to know more about the project, be sure to visit our friends at MOSHON and find out how to participate in this amazing idea.


Silvia Tapia

Production manager:
Natalia Mass

Animation leader:
Gastón Mass

Fran González
Yagizhan Misirli
Cristina de Manuel
Oriol Gali
Gastón Mass
Dio Mendoza

Gastón Mass

Art direction:
Silvia Tapia

Background artists:
Silvia Tapia
Oksana Petrushchak

Gastón Mass

Fx Animator
Axel Torres

Moshon Vtuber Idol Anime

Antonio Vivanvos
Diógenes Mendoza
María Reyero
Marta Moreno
Raquel Gil Barros
Jack Gómez Robisco
Julián Lassa
Alicia Tapia
Natalia Mass