Character family design for 2D development project

Development of projects in 2D animation

In Alkimia Animation Studio we do the development of 2D animation projects. If you have an idea or a script and you want to translate it into 2D animation, we help you bring it to life.

Send us your idea or your script and we will start your project to find investors interested in your idea. Is it a series, a short film or a feature film?

  • We will make a study of the costs of your 2D project to help you look for financing.
  • We will materialize your idea with character design, storyboard, even an animation.
  • We can give your project a graphic identity so that it is recognized.
  • If you need a bible or dossier of your project we will help you to shape it.
  • We make teasers and trailers to help you sell your project.
  • If you already have investors and are looking for a studio to produce your project, we can take the entire production of your idea.